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 Yesterday I got a job offer I'd been waiting on for quite a few weeks - a job doing addictions counseling in a different city. I have tentatively accepted. Soon I will inform my boss and my tentative start date is Feb 6. This job entails moving to Charlottesville, VA, a town I've never lived in but which is nestled right at the foot of the mountains, an hour west of Richmond, VA. I have good vibes from the place, and from the team I will be working with.

It's daunting to think about picking up and moving away. I've lived here in my little house for three years without roommates, with a garden and without having to pay much rent. I don't much care for the culture of the area, but I'm sure I've gotten a lot more used to being near the beach than I think. I do think the new job will be good for me... it's funny, many big life changes I know I ought to feel more strongly about, but when they happen, it seems unsurprising and like my emotions just shrug and carry on. I don't know if that's just the depression or if it's how I'm wired, possibly I have a wait-and-see attitude regardless of what the change is.

I'd like to be more of myself again, and use my time more efficiently and creatively, and I think this new job will allow me to do that. I will be closer to the mountains and many beautiful trails and forests. I think I will learn new things and grow as a professional. In short, yay?
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