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Here we are - just different enough from Livejournal to let me relax enough to type. Maybe it's the lack of years of written baggage, maybe the interface is juuust enough different. Either way, attempting to write a first entry here is a great deal more productive than telling bad nacho pun jokes to my cats. 

Grad school has me in its teeth and I sort of completely forgot to celebrate Imbolc, so much like the rest of this celtic year so far I'll be celebrating a week or two later than the "official" date. I have found that slowly grinding towards better habits works well for me, better than grandiose plans, although those can help to frame or set my goals. I've been stretching/doing minor home workout things over the past week or so, I just finished the data collection/artmaking part of my thesis/capstone this weekend and the end is sort of in sight.

I don't know where, literally where, this year will take me, but I want to put in work to improve my skills, maybe even pick up a few new ones, and be a better practitioner spiritually as well. I've been updating my webcomic on the regular too - goals in that direction include continuing to update at least once a week, updating the website design, and promoting it more. I applied to SpiderForest on a whim, which is a collective of comic makers that are pretty talented overall. Even the act of applying feels good, although looking back through all the older art... well, at least it shows how much my artwork has improved!

I want to continue to paint, sculpt, sew, craft, write, garden, do things with will and intention. More on those things as they commence, I guess. The dreaming has been interesting lately - I really need to start writing those down when I wake up, because I forget them as soon as the day begins properly. Anyway, stay tuned to this space, please tell me what's going on with your life this year and what some of your thoughts or goals are. Much love.
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