Apr. 10th, 2011

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I think, she said to herself, that I'll make a place to keep record of my thoughts and experiences in this transitional period of my existence.

I don't use livejournal for that anymore, not really. And while I like paper journals, the most successful ones I've ever kept have been digital. This is a place of self exploration.

I am an illustrator, a writer, a witch stumbling down a path that is decidedly shamanic. I talk to trees and grow tomatoes and eggplants under tiny fluorescent lights. I currently live in a place that reminds me of both Lost Boys and Aladdin. I'm still figuring out where my path is going next.

Do I really want to be in the videogame industry? Is it even possible, since no one ever responds to my resumes? What about comics - is there a future for me there? Teaching? Tattoos? I want badly to travel, to live far away places, and yet I don't want to move even further away from my mother and my dearest friends.

This spring and summer, I suspect, will go far towards sorting out these questions. Hopefully this journal will help.

For now, a list of goals:
x. Figure out how to engineer the potting and structure of a sustainable window garden
x. Become more physically fit
x. cook more of my own food
x. do not shoot self in foot


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